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Updated: Jun 6

Many moons ago, was created as a website for my massage practice. It remained so until recent events brought my massage practice to a screeching halt. And guess what? Much of my life is about parenting and speaking with other mama's and papa's; sharing hints, stories, laughter, tears, recipes, playdates etc.... so jamilamama is here to speak straight to the heart of mothering. Here we go, mainly because she has been asking me to express myself in writing in virtually every area of life including motherhood....and well, it's simply time.

Tonight marks a full moon eclipse, it also marks the continuation of chaos. Chaos in the streets, and rightfully so (in my mind & heart). Blessed be George Floyd in his passage through the veil. Black Lives Matter. Pandemic crash course underway, what are we now, about 3 months in (at least where I live). And so, from the mother view I am all over the place. Today, Nuna finished her last day of 5th grade. She just came back to me after 7 days with her dad. We recently started a week on week off schedule back and forth. Before that she was on a 5-2-2-5 schedule. Wild. She holds it all together for her dad and his partner, being a big girl and big sister and when she comes to me, she falls apart into emotional mush for 24-48 hours. Uh huh.



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